Chanukah, Oh Chanukah
    11.28.23 | Stories | Articles

    It's time to break out the gelt, stretch your dreidel-spinning muscles, and prepare your menorahs because Chanukah is just around the corner. Here at Temple Judea, the anticipation is building as we gear up to celebrate the Festival of Lights...

    B'tzelem: An Update on Israel
      11.01.23 | Stories | Articles | Israel | Btzelem

      The three weeks since the massacre of October 7 have been the most painful and trying weeks for the Jewish world since the Holocaust. Many of you have expressed deep pain and fear about October 7. Many of you have had discussions with non-Jewish...

      Music to Uplift the Spirit
        10.31.23 | Stories | Articles

        While music may not eradicate the challenges of war or the poison of antisemitism, it can lift our spirits, deepen solidarity within our community, and foster a profound connection to the sacred within all of us.

        You Are the Light
          10.24.23 | Stories | Articles

          In the face of the challenges posed by rising anti-Semitism and the war in Israel, we find solace in the embrace of our extended TJ family and the amazing Jewish community it provides. We continue to offer hope and avenues for Jewish connection...