Welcome to Temple Judea's Confirmation Program for teens between 10th and 12th grade who wish to independently affirm their commitment to making Jewish identity part of their post-B'nei Mitzvah life. 

Our Confirmation program supports our teens as they begin making those choices for themselves. We celebrate these students and their Jewish journeys at a peer-led Shabbat service toward the end of each year. During the second half of the year, Confirmands will meet periodically to learn in community and plan this special service. 

Students can become eligible to become Confirmands between 10th and 12th grade, as long as they have actively participated in at least three programs from 8th grade onward. 

JTJ Classes
Students in our JTJ Program can continue their Jewish education by participating in classes that are both fun and engaging! Our 8-9th grade students can participate in our Wednesday night "Tzedakah Transformed: Acts of Philanthropy" class. These teens will form a Teen Tzedakah Board and learn about philanthropic giving by doing it -- experiencing both the challenges and thrills of giving money away to support issues close to their hearts. Meanwhile, our 10-12th grade students have the opportunity to take a college course for 3 general education credits, thanks to a new partnership with American Jewish University (AJU). In our Wednesday "Argument for Community's Sake," teens will explore the philosophy and foundations of what it means to be together in community, during both good and challenging times.
Madrichim - Religious School Assistants
During the school year, teens commit as Madrichim to supporting our teachers & staff by assisting with one of our religious school programs, monthly family programs, photography + videography, or dreaming up a new way to share talents with our community. Madrichim serve as a role model to younger students and lead small group activities and experiences. Teens with Hebrew knowledge and abilities may also volunteer in our Hebrew program and offer extra support to those kids who need it the most. Participation in this program is free, and teens can gain community service hours for volunteering, plus receive ongoing training with our Assistant Director of Education. Returning 11th and 12th grade Madrichim are eligible to be paid for their work in place of receiving community service hours. Additionally, paid madrichim who work on Tuesdays will receive an additional $2/hr!
Madrichim - Camp Sababa
When Camp Sababa is in session, teens commit to supporting our teachers and staff in building and maintaining a supportive, warm, safe, and nurturing camp environment. These volunteers also serve as role models of Jewish living and help campers in developing a deep understanding and appreciation of their Jewish identity. With opportunities for personal growth and leadership, teens will enjoy a fun, sometimes challenging, but wholeheartedly rewarding experience! There is No charge to become a Jr. Camp Sababa CIT volunteer. Returning teens may apply for a paid position as a Snr. Camp Sababa CIT (age 16+).
CITs (Cantors in Training)
Kids & teens who sing -- share your musical talent and vocal skill with the Temple Judea community! The CITs help lead Friday night Shabbat services (generally the 2nd Friday of the month). Coaching on Jewish repertoire through the mentorship of Rabbi Cantor Alison Wissot and the cantorial team will enhance your performance abilities. Interested? Contact us.

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JTJ Social Justice Trip (8th-9th Grade)
Students in grades 8 & 9 are invited to participate in an Arizona Immigration Justice Trip. Temple Judea is partnering with Tzedek America as we visit Phoenix, Tucson, and the border town of Nogales, Arizona, on this impactful immigration justice program. Teens will meet with organizations and people directly addressing the migration issues and enforcing the flow of migrants from Mexico to the United States. We meet with activists, homeland security agents, border patrol, retired border patrol, humanitarians, and state officials. The goal is to give a complete picture of the complex and layered issue of immigration in our country. This program registration carries an additional cost, which includes all programming, accommodations, airfare, and food in Arizona. Scholarships available upon request.

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Jewish Day School
Students who attend a Jewish day school in 8th -12th grade may count their attendance as one of the three participation requirements towards their Confirmation.