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If you're interested in setting up a payment plan of $100/month (or more) for 36 months OR you'd like to discuss sponsoring a larger gift for a naming opportunity, please email .

As my family planted for me, so do I plant for my children. ~ Talmud

Just as a culture cannot survive without a next generation, neither can our synagogue thrive without one. Children breathe energy, meaning, hope, and life into a community. Similarly, to ensure a future for Judaism, we must raise the next generation of Jews.  And we’re succeeding! Temple Judea’s schools and family programs are thriving, flourishing in every measure. Our committed membership grows from the deep roots that our families form in our ECC, and strengthens as those roots take hold throughout our Youth & Family programs: approximately one-third of our members started here as ECC families. But to keep this momentum going, we need to invest. Without a modern, safe, dynamic space where our young students can climb, learn, imagine, share and play, our schools will lose much of their appeal. Our well-loved play space has not been renovated in over 30 years, and it’s beginning to show. Temple Judea boasts school programs that teach Jewish values through kinesthetic, play-based learning: experiential, developmentally appropriate curricula that depend on a variety of contexts and spaces to succeed. Our new outdoor spaces will provide opportunities for students to run, jump, balance, build, create, and imagine - all through a Jewish lens. At Temple Judea we know that Judaism is a gift that we inherit from our ancestors, and give to our children. This project will help ensure that we are able to give that gift.


To participate or to learn more, email our Director of Engagement, Kim Birbrower at or call 818-758-3800 x203