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Adult Learning

Melton Adult Jewish Learning

A Taste of Melton - Experience a Melton class
Tuesday, October 20, 9:30am or 7pm

Members of the Tribe - A Short  Six-Session Quest 
Tuesdays, beginning November 3, 9:30am or 7pm


Torah Study with our Clergy

Wednesdays, 12pm
No sign ups needed.
Just Come!


People of the Book - Book Club

First Wednesday of the month, 6pm

2020-2021 Book Club Calendar
SEPTEMBER 2 The Tattooist of Auschwitz  ( Heather Morris) Frayne
OCTOBER 7 - FDR and the Holocaust (Rafael Medoff) -  Al Dreskin
NOVEMBER 4 - The Button Man (Andrew Gross) - Barbara/ Teri
DECEMBER 2 - Three Floors Up (Eshkol Nevo) - Gail/ Murray
JANUARY 6 - The Song of Jade Lily (Kristy Manning) -  Vivian
FEBRUARY 3 - Anna In Chains (Merrill Joan Gerber) - Jody
MARCH 3 - America’s Jewish Women (Pamela Nadel) - Darlene   
APRIL 7 - The Last Kings of Shanghai (Johnathan Kaufman) - Bill
MAY 5 - Rebel Cinderella (Adam Hochschild) -  Marsha
JUNE 2 - Shadow Strike (Yaakov Katz) -  Mark
JULY 7 - Tears of Discovery (Silvia Foti) -  Cary/Suzi
(with Author joining us) 
AUGUST 4 Planning Meeting