Becoming B'nei Mitzvah: The Journey Toward Adulthood at Temple Judea

The B'nei Mitzvah is one of the main rituals for teens that asks them to engage with their Jewish identity. Traditionally, we learn that every Jew automatically becomes legally responsible for ethical actions and mitzvot when they turn thirteen. Today, the ritual of B'nei Mitzvah acknowledges this responsibility and honors the young person on the cusp of teenagerhood. 

The Temple Judea B'nei Mitzvah program creatively fosters community while preparing and training students to lead a Shabbat service. We believe that the B'nei Mitzvah is not just a 'test' that a student passes. They don’t 'just' read from the Torah, or recite prayers. The B'nei Mitzvah is the culmination of years of study, of participating in their Jewish community. It is the first time that a young person stands up and claims their spot as a member of their Temple Judea family. During the service, we gather their desired community together to witness their success and celebrate that teen's identity at a crucial moment of their personal and Jewish formation.


We want to empower students to engage their Jewish identity by meeting them where they are with respect to area(s) of Jewish interest, personal passions, and differences in learning needs.

We want each student to feel appropriately challenged on their way to accomplishing an important Jewish milestone.

We want students to connect into an ancient chain of tradition while creating a structure that meets 21st century needs and limitations.