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Prayer Music

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"Prayer is our humble answer to the inconceivable surprise of living."

~Theologian Abraham Joshua Heschel

Prayer and Worship at Temple Judea is a shared experience - a partnership between our clergy and our community.  Our services are open to all who wish to enter and experience our spiritual community (Jewish, interfaith, spiritually curious).  

Together through music, tradition, creativity and meaningful discussions, we encounter God and engage each other in moments of profound holiness.  Our prayerbook (siddur) and music are designed to be accessible to Hebrew readers and those who are not. Our services are explanatory, relevant and thought-provoking.

We offer a variety of experiences designed to meet individual worshippers where they are and guide them along a path to new spiritual connections. Come join us.

Service Blessings & Prayers

Common Blessings

Supplemental Songs

Holiday Blessings



Avot vImahot

Barchu 1

Barchu 2

Chatzi Kaddish


Haftarah Blessings


Kedusha 1

Kedusha 2

Maariv Aravim

Mi Shebeirach

Nissim Bchol Yom

Shabbat Candle Blessing

Shema 1

Shema 2

Torah Blessings*

Torah Service


Vneemar-Bayom Hahu

Yotzer Or

Birkat Hamazon

Ha Motzi

Havdallah Blessings



Etz Chayim 1

Etz Chayim 2


Lcha Dodi

Mah Tovu

Mi Chamocha AM

Mi Chamocha PM

Oseh Shalom 1

Oseh Shalom 2

Shalom Alechem

Shalom Rav

Sim Shalom



Chanukah Blessings

Ma Nishtana

Sukkah Blessings

*Download a printout of the Torah prayers CLICK HERE.