About TK-6 Religious School:Judaica

TK-6th Grade Religious School meets once per week, on Sundays or Tuesdays, for two hours:  Sundays at 9:00am; Tuesdays at 3:45pm. During this time, students learn Judaica:  Jewish culture and tradition. This includes learning about the Torah, as well as about all the Jewish festivals, holidays, Holy Days, and more.  During Judaica, your child can expect to experience:

-- Time with Jewish friends, old and new!
-- Dynamic learning with our dedicated teachers
-- T'filah - prayer with our clergy and song leader
-- In-depth art projects that connect to their learning
-- Song and music with our song leader
-- Israeli dance
-- Cooking
-- Jewish team-building with a twist!
-- Opportunities to give back to the community

Starting in the fourth grade, students are also expected to extend their learning to include Hebrew language instruction. 

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