Back to Shul
    08.15.23 | Stories | Articles

    Celebrate the end-of-summer and rock the back-to-school spirit at our epic "Back to Shul" bash!

    Summer Fun at Sababa
      08.08.23 | Stories | Articles

      Over the past two weeks, Temple Judea’s Camp Sababa took us on an unforgettable journey to Israel, bringing the spirit of our Jewish homeland to life with joyful Jewish melodies, creative art projects, and engaging lessons from the Torah.

      Tisha B'Av
        07.25.23 | Stories | Articles

        Thursday marks Tisha B’Av, literally translated to the "ninth of Av" on the Hebrew calendar.

        Rosh Chodesh
          07.18.23 | Stories | Articles

          Tomorrow is Rosh Chodesh Av, the first day of the lunar month of Av. Rosh Chodesh, meaning "head of the month," has been observed since biblical times as a mini holiday: an ancient celebration tied to the cycle of the moon.

          Jewish Teen Journeys
            07.11.23 | Stories | Articles

            Life can be hectic for today’s teens. Between school, sports, and all those extracurricular activities, their Jewish connection can take a backseat.

            Happy Independence Day
              07.04.23 | Stories | Articles

              This July 4, American Jews, like so many Americans around the country, are preparing a feast at the grill, excited to celebrate our shared nation while adding our own cultural flavor to the mix