Temple Judea is a sacred space to rejoice, reflect, give thanks, and pray in the warmth of community.

Our worship services are engaging, relevant and meaningful, and bring us closer to our spiritual selves and to each other. Music is an integral part of our prayer experience, blending traditional melodies with a modern interpretation to inspire all ages..

We welcome you.


Join us every Friday night at 6:15pm to welcome Shabbat together as a community, and one Saturday morning a month at 9am for Tot Shabbat & Schmooze. 

High Holy Days

Temple Judea is proud to offer many opportunities for families to worship and reflect during the High Holy Days and the festivals of Tishrei. 

Music Programs

Our campus echoes with the sounds of beautiful and participatory Jewish music, a cornerstone of our worship experience. 

Holidays & Festivals: Labor Day to Thanksgiving (Elul - Cheshvan)

We build community throughout the autumn season from Labor Day to Thanksgiving, and through the High Holy Days, Sukkot and Simchat Torah. 

Holidays & Festivals: Chanukah to Purim (Kislev - Adar)

Winter and early spring are a time for joyous celebration of Jewish survival and continuity throughout history -- bookmarked by Chanukah in the Hebrew month of Kislev and Purim in the Hebrew month of Adar.  

Holidays & Festivals: Passover to Tisha B'Av (Nisan - Av)

From Passover to Shavuot, and all the minor and more recent holidays that fill this period, Temple Judea celebrates our Jewish journey as a community.