What is the Theodor Herzl Society?
The Theodor Herzl Society recalls the visionary father of modern Zionism whose spirit, idealism and activism inspired the creation of the State of Israel. Herzl envisioned a vibrant, culturally and spiritually rich homeland for the Jewish people. In keeping with his visionary idealism, members of the Herzl Society will help ensure that Temple Judea continues to thrive as a place for inspirational and innovative worship, a resource for Jewish lifelong learning and a community dedicated to Tikkun Olam through social action and social justice efforts.
The Temple Judea Theodor Herzl Society acknowledges and honors members and friends of Temple Judea who include our synagogue with a gift in their estate plan.

Why Now?
The Temple Judea Theodor Herzl Society is created to recognize and celebrate our 65th anniversary. It enables the many in our community who firmly believe and proudly share the Jewish values of our spiritual home and want to contribute to the preservation of those values for future generations. A planned gift is a statement of commitment to Jewish and philanthropic values and an enduring acknowledgment of the role of Temple Judea, in particular, and synagogue membership, in general, to you, your family and friends.

What is a Planned Gift?
A Planned Gift is a donation that is arranged today but made at a future date. Planned gifts make it easy to fulfill philanthropic desires and create your personal legacy. Anyone who wants to make a planned gift can; planned gifts are paid from assets, not income or cash flow. There are many planned gift opportunities available, allowing donors to match individual giving abilities with planned giving techniques.

Herzl Planned Giving Circle
You become a member of the Temple Judea Theodor Herzl Society by confirming you made provisions for a planned gift to Temple Judea. Those who declare their intent to make a gift of $18,000 or more will be members of the Herzl Planned Giving Circle. With your permission, your commitment will be recognized by honoring you on our new Planned Giving Acknowledgment Wall.

For more information please contact Rabbi Bruce Raff.