Your contribution to Temple Judea is an investment in Judaism. It is your way of saying that being Jewish is important, and that a resilient, invested Jewish community is not only relevant - but necessary - in our ever changing world.

Temple Judea is an inclusive community - we will never turn a family away based on their ability to pay. Now more than ever, we need each other. Whatever happens in the world, Temple Judea is here for you every day, in so many ways. We are able to do this - and so many more meaningful programs - thanks to the generosity and commitment of all of our members, supporters, friends, as well as our esteemed Pillars - those members who set an example for the congregation in word, stature and deed by giving more than is required. Learn more about opportunities for giving below.


Temple Judea has many innovative, creative, and meaningful programs that may hold a special place in your heart. Your gift to the General Fund, a Clergy's Discretionary Fund, or a Special Purpose Fund ensures your gift supports the program(s) most important to you. 

Year End Giving

This year, as you explore your options for where your year-end donation will go, we hope you will consider giving a gift that represents your commitment to your Jewish community – now and for the future. 

Project Play Yard

Get in on the action by supporting our Let’s Play capital campaign to renovate TJ's outdoor spaces!  With your help, our newly rebuilt, state of the art, interactive play spaces will be ready for all of our students by Fall 2024!

Annual Gala

Temple Judea’s annual gala is our most important fundraiser of the year. It raises money for our best loved programs and supports our core work as a Jewish community organization. Plus, it’s a fabulous, elegant, and entertaining evening out - a special opportunity to party with your friends and support your synagogue family at the same time!

Pillars of the Community

Temple Judea was created, and has been lovingly grown, by the Pillars of this community. The Temple Judea Pillar program provides a place for self selected members to increase their annual contribution so that families who cannot afford temple membership are able to join. Becoming a Pillar is a foundational way to support Temple Judea.

Theodor Herzl Society

The Temple Judea Theodor Herzl Society is TJ's planned giving program. The Theodor Herzel Society enables members of our community who firmly believe in, and proudly share the Jewish values of our spiritual home to contribute to the preservation of those values for future generations with a planned gift.

Memorial Plaques

Our memorial wall provides us a special place to permanently honor those who have especially touched our lives. In accordance with Jewish tradition, we mark the memories of our loved ones by placing a stone next to the plaque when the Kaddish is recited at worship services, at Yizkor services on holidays, and on their yahrzeit. Zichrono l'bracha: May their memories be for a blessing.

High Holy Day Appeal

Every year at the High Holy Days, we ask the community to give what you can to ensure that Temple Judea continues to be a safe, beautiful place to gather, study, celebrate, and pray. Each year we ask you to do your part, to model the values you have chosen as your guiding principles, by participating in our High Holy Day Appeal. Each year, we hope you’ll give all that you can.

TJ Stands With Israel

Israel is a tiny country; everyone is connected by one or two degrees of separation. The government of Israel has indicated that the best way to support Israel is through monetary contributions. Click the image to be connected with organizations that are accepting monetary donations and learn about other ways to lend your support.

Click below as we recognize our generous donors for their contributions to our community.