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High Holy Days


Every year, the Holy Days present special times when we gather as an entire community.  As we enter into the second High Holy Day season affected by Covid, we are so grateful for the opportunity to return to our shared, sacred space to reflect, repent, and pray together.

With health and safety as our highest priority, all services on campus will be limited to those who are fully vaccinated against the Covid virus. In addition, given the recent LA County mask mandate, all people entering the Temple Judea campus, from the time they exit their vehicle until the time they return to the inside of their vehicle, are required to be masked at all times, whether indoors or outdoors, except while eating and drinking. Please make sure to bring proof of vaccination, a mask, and a government-issued ID with you when you arrive. Please note that we have organized additional services to ensure the ability to gather safely.  

Our vaccine requirement also means that children under the age of 12 cannot attend services on campus, as they are too young to be vaccinated at this time. For families with younger children, or families who prefer to gather outdoors, Rosh Hashanah@Camp is the perfect way to celebrate this special time.  

In addition, each early service on campus will be live streamed. So, if you cannot be on campus, or simply choose not to be, you can join us virtually and enjoy the music, prayer and spirituality you have come to expect from the comfort of your home, much like you did last year.  Click HERE for information about accessing our High Holy day services online.

A complete schedule of High Holy Day services and our festivals of Tishrei are below:


Saturday, August 28 at the Berney Ranch
 Gates open at 4pm
Erev Rosh Hashanah
Monday, September 6
5pm (early service will be live streamed) or 7:30pm (late service)
Rosh Hashanah Morning
Tuesday, September 7
9am (early service will be live streamed) or 11:30am (late service)
Rosh Hashanah @ Camp
Tuesday, September 7 at Camp Alonim
9am (early service) or 12:30pm (late service)
Saturday, September 11 at Zuma Lifeguard Station #10
3pm Tashlich, 6pm Havdalah
Kol Nidre
Wednesday, September 15
5pm (early service will be live streamed) or 7:30pm (late service)
Yom Kippur Morning
Thursday, September 16
9am (early service will be live streamed) or 11:30am (late service)
Yom Kippur for Young Families
Thursday, September 16 on Zoom
Yom Kippur Yizkor & Closing Services
Thursday, September 16
4:30pm (will be live streamed)
Shabbat Sukkot Service
Friday, September 24 in the Courtyard
Sukkot & Simchat Torah Family Festival
Sunday September 26 in the Courtyard


Members may request tickets to any of our in-person High Holy Day offerings by clicking HERE.  Please note: Tickets will be specific to each person.  To enter, you will be asked to show your ticket, your proof of vaccination, and a matching photo ID for each service you attend. Members may purchase limited guest tickets for extended family, and non-members may now purchase tickets as well. Please be in touch with a member of our staff at  if you have any questions about services or tickets. 

Each service, with most of the prayers and music you expect, as well as a rabbi's sermon, will last approximately 90 minutes. Our digital book of prayers, and links to the customary Book of Remembrance, High Holy Day annual appeal and Sova food drive, can be accessed by clicking below:



 High Holy Day Protocols

As always, whether you're online or in person, we are grateful to you for joining us at this special time.

L'Shana Tovah.