Thank you for supporting Temple Judea.  We are only as strong as our community -- and we want to recognize the support and generosity of our community through the programs below: 

Pillars of the Community

Our Pillars are a group of self-selected synagogue leaders who, year after year, annually donate above and beyond their standard membership contribution. By doing so, our Pillars support the great work of our synagogue, and they make it possible for families to join who might not otherwise be able to do so. Our Pillars quite literally hold up our community. Their thoughtful generosity inspires us, and we are profoundly grateful.  Please join us in thanking the Pillars of the Community.

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High Holy Day Appeal

The synagogue’s sacred purpose is to make the world a better place by creating Jewish meaning and Jewish joy in the lives of its members. We each carry an obligation to uphold the chain of tradition, honoring the memory of our ancestors by safeguarding their legacy for our children. We are grateful to the following families who feel this sacred obligation in their own hearts, and who generously supported our High Holy Day Appeal. Your gift helps Temple Judea provide a space for Jews to gather, learn, pray, celebrate, and honor our Jewish heritage. Together, we thank you.

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Todah Rabah 

Temple Judea has many innovative, creative, and meaningful programs that may hold a special place in your heart.  Those who make a gift to our General Fund, a Clergy's Discretionary Fund, or a Special Purpose Fund support the program(s) most important to them while also benefiting our entire community. Gifts may also be made in honor or in memory of a loved one or someone special. We wish a heartfelt todah rabah (Hebrew for thank you) to all those who have made a gift this year. 

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Annual Gala Supporters

Temple Judea’s annual gala raises money for our best loved programs and supports our core work as a Jewish community organization. Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2023 Sacred Sparks Gala and to all our honorees: Nikki & Ivan Axelrod, Lisa Whitman, Bonnie Friedman & Cantor Gerald Miller, and Judy & David Rutt (on behalf of Pathways to Citizenship) who spark change through their honorable causes. 

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Purim Carnival Sponsors & Supporters

Temple Judea’s purim canival relies on the support of our community! 

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