Days filled with meaning, where campers & CITs come into their own!

Camp Sababa, a program for Temple Judea kids entering kindergarten through 7th grade, melds the best of Jewish camp with the best of Jewish learning - exploring new themes and making new friends year after year. Every week of Camp Sababa is full of traditional camp activities like sports, art, swim, and Israeli dance, alongside rich, Jewish, experiential learning, music and tefilah. Campers find home on our campus, creating enduring friendships and forming lasting memories. Whether you come for a week or two (or three!) of the best kind of fun, or choose Camp Sababa as an alternative to weekly religious school, we encourage you to check it out!


Best of Jewish Camp
We fill our campers' days with all the fun activities that belong at camp. Swimming, art, sports, dance, drama, cooking, and more. They're led by counselors and CITs who are role models and guide campers to form friendships and stretch themselves, all in the safety of our Temple Judea home.
Best of Jewish Learning
The best kind of experiential learning happens when you least expect it! Our education team designs a curriculum of rich Jewish learning designed to be memorable and to integrate into the busy camp day. We choose a content theme for the year and design learning opportunities that don't require a classroom to be impactful.
Camp Sababa vs. Religious School
Do I have to choose? Some of our families enroll in Camp Sababa instead of our Religious School, because we designed that three weeks' participation in Sababa fulfills a year's Judaica requirement for students working toward B'nei Mizvah. However, MOST families end up enrolling in both Religious School and Camp Sababa -- even it just for a week or two so you don't miss out on the fun!

Who is Camp Sababa for?

  • Temple Judea kids entering Kindergarten through 7th grades
  • Families looking for summer/winter Jewish opportunities for their kids, in the familiar environment of Temple Judea
  • Kids whose year-round activities conflict with a "traditional" weekly Religious School commitment
  • Kids who engage best by doing and moving
  • Parents who want to form community with others
  • In short...it's for YOU!

Meet our Sababa Campers! (By Incoming Grade)


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