Become a Pillar

    05.30.23 | Stories, Articles

    As Temple Judea's fiscal "new year" and subsequent membership renewal season approach, please consider one way to make a lasting impact on the Jewish community: become a Temple Judea Pillar. 

    Just as physical pillars provide support and ballast to a building, Temple Judea Pillars maintain the strength and longevity of our cherished community. By becoming a Pillar, you'll have a chance to assist fellow community members who genuinely need financial assistance to maintain their membership. Every one of our Pillars shares the blessing of membership with someone in need and ensures that our diverse community continues to thrive. You will join a small, vital group making a tangible and sustaining difference at Temple Judea. 

    Imagine the profound impact your contribution will have by allowing individuals or families to stay connected to our Temple community -- benefiting from its programs, celebrations, learning opportunities, and spiritual nourishment. Together we can lift up every person, ensuring that financial limitations do not hinder anyone from experiencing the warmth, growth, and deep connections that our remarkable Temple Judea family provides. For more information or to sign up to become a Pillar, contact our Director of Engagement, Kim Birbrower, at 818-785-3800 x203 or .

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