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Most of JTJ’s programs occur on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 - 7:30pm. 

We offer "A" and "B" Sessions, each with different class offerings. Each class meets once per month. Students can choose one “A” Session and one “B” Session experience.

Teen Tzedakah Track: “A” Session

While learning about Jewish values behind tzedekah, our teens put values into action! Our students will learn about philanthropy by doing it— experiencing both the challenges and thrills of giving money away to support issues close to their hearts. We will form a Judea teen philanthropy board. Part of student tuition will contribute to the group pool of funds, and participating students work on fundraising to grow that pool into the thousands of dollars. Under the guidance of their teacher, students will work together to: 

  • clarify their guiding mission, vision, and values
  • engage in fundraising
  • invite and evaluate grant proposals
  • distribute funds according to the vision of their philanthropic board


Jews and Hands-On Leadership: “A” Session

Through the power of games, team building, laughter, and mistakes, teens will learn about themselves and each other as leaders. Each session will push learners to both develop personal and interpersonal skills, while also encountering stories and values from the Jewish tradition that reinforce that lesson. This hands-on, experiential learning is recommended for teaching assistants (madrichim) as they begin working with our younger students in religious school.


Moving Traditions: “B” Session

As male and female identifying students grapple with identity and change as teenagers, a gender-separated space can be critical to allowing students to be open and grow.

  • The Rosh Hodesh program uses Jewish teachings and practices to give teen girls a place to feel safe, articulate their deepest concerns, consider the impact of gender on their daily lives, have fun, and be ‘real’ with their peers. They will have the opportunity to explore their lives, under the guidance of a trained group leader, and with the sisterhood a group offers. 
  • The teen boys who participate in Shevet will enjoy spending time in a “guy space,” under the guidance of a trained group leader, where they can explore what masculinity and being Jewish means to them. Shevet focuses on the questions that teen boys ask as they journey toward manhood and connects these questions to the ethical, spiritual, and psychological insights of Judaism.

For students who want a distinctly LGBTQ+ space to explore the same set of topics, including courage, friendship, stress, body image, spirituality, and more, please contact Rabbi Rosenstein for additional resources and opportunities. 


Teaching Assistants / Madrichim:

Teens can choose to volunteer in a religious school classroom: aid in the activities and experiences, work with small groups, and serve as a role model to younger students.  We also welcome madrichim with the knowledge and ability to aid in our Hebrew classes as well.

We are happy to offer you community service hours for your classroom time and ongoing training with our Assistant Director of Education! 

Please click here to fill out an application.


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