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Most of JTJ’s programs occur on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 - 7:30pm. 

We offer "A" and "B" Sessions, each with different class offerings. Each class meets once per month. Students can choose one “A” Session and one “B” Session experience.


Confirmation: “A” Session

The cornerstone of our 10th grade year is Confirmation. Most confirmation students will have  had a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, affirming their adulthood in the eyes of the Jewish community. But we understand that living a Jewish life (whatever that means) is a choice. Confirmation affirms your desire to explore what an adult life full of Jewish choices might look like. As a class, it is a unique opportunity for students to spend time with the Clergy. We engage in serious learning; we engage in thoughtful discussion and we also manage to have fun. 

SAVE THE DATE: Confirmation services on Friday night, June 10, 2022.

We also urge your participation in L’Taken (see below)


Life of a Jewish Teen: “B” Session

Richard Weintraub’s unique class is a practical and realistic exploration of issues relevant to teens, a psycho-spiritual approach to life designed to enhance self-esteem, self-worth and self-love, with a participatory spirit designed to build openness, honesty and trust. We will explore your authentic self, grapple with choices for high school, college and career, unpack issues with parents and siblings, and discuss intimate relationships, fears and finding your purpose in life. Click HERE to read his bio and testimonials from Richard’s former students! 


Jews and Civic Debate: “B” Session

Jews are no strangers to debates amongst ourselves over any number of controversial (or non-controversial) topics. That spirit of debate extends to how we participate in public discourse in the United States. We will look back into history, and develop expertise about Jewish values present on both sides of contemporary policy debates. This class is designed, although not required, for students who plan to attend the L’Taken trip to Washington, DC.


L’Taken Social Justice Seminar (February 2022) - WAITING LIST ONLY

Travel with Rabbi Rosenstein on a powerful trip to Washington, DC through Reform Judaism’s Religious Action Center (RAC), where hundreds of Jewish teens gather to explore their powerful individual and collective voices as Jews to influence policy. Teens learn about public policy issues and the challenges of policy making, they visit museums and monuments, and bond with each other and with Jewish teens from across the country. The trip culminates with a lobbying visit to Capitol Hill where they visit legislators’ offices and advocate for policies through the lens of Jewish values. This program is subsidized thanks to a Judea congregant’s generosity. He was inspired by his daughter’s experience on the trip and wants to make it available to you!

Click for more information from RAC


Teaching Assistants / Madrichim:

Teens can choose to volunteer in a religious school classroom: aid in the activities and experiences, work with small groups, and serve as a role model to younger students.  We also welcome madrichim with the knowledge and ability to aid in our Hebrew classes as well.

We are happy to offer you community service hours for your classroom time and ongoing training with our Assistant Director of Education! 

Please click here to fill out an application.



Judea Senior Temple Youth (JSTY) allows our dynamic teens to connect and socialize in an informal Jewish environment. All activities and gatherings are designed for teens, by teens! Our JSTY student leaders work with our Assistant Director of Education, Rachel Hershman, to plan various events that connect Judea teens with each other and with their community. For more information about upcoming events, email


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