Music & Creation: Artist in Residence Michael Ochs

    01.09.24 | Stories, Articles

    We all know and love the rousing Oseh Shalom that concludes our Friday night services at Temple Judea. This uplifting piece was crafted by multi-platinum, award-winning songwriter and composer of Jewish and Interfaith worship music, Michael Ochs. Prepare for a musical treat as Michael joins our community on Friday, January 19 and Saturday, January 20 for an unparalleled Artist-in-Residence weekend exploring the theme of "Music & Creation." 

    At our January 19 Erev Shabbat Service, Michael will help welcome Shabbat in song with our choir, band, Cantors-in-Training, and the exceptionally talented Temple Judea staff. During this service, we will also unveil a fresh musical piece that Michael composed specifically for Temple Judea, under the guidance of Rabbi Cantor Wissot. Together, we’ll lift our voices in melodies both familiar and new.
    As night falls on Saturday, January 20, the  musical tikkun olam continues with "Music to Repair the World." Explore the mystical journey of creation’s holy sparks, manifested in the most unexpected places. The sages teach that these sparks lodged not only in sacred music, but in all kinds of music. Michael, joined by local talents within our own TJ community, will weave together melodies from musical theater, rock, pop, and folk, repurposing them in the synagogue to bring those sparks home. Be sure to purchase your tickets HERE to experience this wonderful production.

    For those seeking a deeper connection, consider becoming a sponsor! Your support not only nurtures our vibrant musical community, but also grants exclusive perks like reserved seating and access to a private pre-concert Havdalah meet & greet with Michael Ochs! Click here to discover more.

    Grab your tickets now and be part of this extraordinary weekend at TJ where we'll create lasting memories, foster harmony, and celebrate the transformative power of music together.

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