Mazal Tov to our Gesher Grads!

    06.04.24 | Stories, News

    You may notice some parents with misty eyes wandering our campus this week  -- that's because on Thursday we celebrate a poignant milestone as our Gesher students proudly graduate from our ECC. This moment brings a flood of emotions, as we remember the first day these tiny, curious faces walked through our doors, eyes wide with wonder and excitement. Each Gesher student has woven themselves into the fabric of our of TJ family, creating memories and moments that our community cherishes.

    We've witnessed their profound growth, and our hearts swell with pride at the milestones they've achieved. Graduation is a bittersweet reminder of the precious, fleeting nature of these early years, but it also fills us with excitement for their future adventures in TK, Kindergarten, our Religious School, and beyond. As they grow, Temple Judea will continue to be a home for them on their Jewish journey, providing support, love, and a sense of belonging. To our Gesher graduates: we can't wait to see what you do next! 

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