Celebrating Purim with courage and joy!

    03.19.24 | Stories, News, Articles

    Purim is the most fun of the Jewish holidays where we celebrate with the motto: "They tried to kill us, we survived, let's eat!" From a joyful carnival to Barbie: A Purim spiel, an ECC costume parade, and mouthwatering hamantaschen, Purim at Temple Judea is a whirlwind of fun and festivity. But amidst the festivities and fun, Purim also serves as a stark reminder to us of the dangers of antisemitism. It explores the many ways Jews have faced this unending challenge – from masking their Jewish identity to boldly standing up to oppressors - and provides a blueprint of hope and inspiration.  

    Today, as antisemitism continues to rear its ugly head, every Purim celebration becomes an act of defiance—a declaration that we will not be silenced or erased. As we honor the bravery of Queen Esther and the Jews of her time, we salute all those who fight for our existence with unwavering courage and determination.

    As you join us this Sunday, March 24, to revel in the delights of Purim, remember that each moment of laughter and every joyful gesture is a testament to our resilience and strength. Let's make this Purim one to remember—a celebration of survival, resilience, and unbreakable spirit. Chag sameach! 

    To learn more about Purim @ TJ, including how to volunteer, CLICK HERE

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