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K-6 Religious School Programming

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Temple Judea Religious School

Program Description Grades K-6


For grades K-6th, Religious School is going to take an entirely new form. Not only what we teach, but how we teach, is going to be different. There will be opportunities for family discussion and learning - as well as a kit of materials for students in K-3rd, and an array of games, activities and challenges for students in grades 4th-6th. We hope parents will get excited about the learning - as there will be opportunities for engaging entire families (what we are calling the family schmooze) in the learning process. Your group will meet (online for 30 minutes or in person for an hour )– 25 times per year, on Sundays or on Tuesday, or if it becomes impossible to meet socially distanced in person because of the virus – groups will meet with their Judaic teacher at the same time as their “At Temple” class and those meetings will be done online (but will be 30 minutes in length).

We will present relevant and compelling content that supports elementary age learners and their families at this unprecedented moment in time! 


K-3rd Learning Options

  • All Judaic Studies classes are offered either Sunday mornings or Tuesday afternoons for 1-hour In-Person & 30-minute Online-Only sessions. Class modules will be by student level (8-10 students per class). Total of 25 Sessions. Class will be either Online-Only or In-Person-Only.

4th & 5th Grade Learning Options

  • Judaic Studies: Classes are offered either Sunday mornings or Tuesday afternoons for 1-hour In-Person & 30-minute Online-Only sessions. Class modules will be by student level (8-10 students per class). Total of 25 Sessions. Class will be either Online-Only or In-Person-Only.
  • Hebrew Studies: Classes are offered either Sunday mornings or Weekday afternoons for 30-minute sessions. Class modules will be by student level. Total of 25 Sessions. Class is Online-Only.
Your Judaic Studies and Hebrew Studies classes do not need to take place on the same day (these classes will not be held consecutively like previous years).


We have 2 different learning opportunities for Judaic Studies:


Given the current guidelines from various government and health authorities, we understand that we will not be able to begin our learning face-to-face. Although we hope to transition to in-person learning, we also understand that some families may not feel comfortable coming back to in-person classes. Therefore we are providing two different learning models.
  1. Choosing the in-person when possible learning means that you want to send your student to learn with us in-person when safe and practical.
    Presence on campus will require a number of safety precautions including masks, physical distance, and temperature checks, but will benefit from the energy that comes from learning in physical proximity. Temple Judea understands the import of the decision to open and close, and will make those determinations in accordance with state and local regulations and Temple Judea policy.
    When we make the decision to suspend in-person learning, we will transition to online classes and reassess.
  2. Choosing online-only learning means that your classes will be held over Zoom (or a similar platform) for the entire year 2020-2021.
    ***Please note that some of your class choices might be affected, or that your student may be "Zoomed" into an in-person class.




The curriculum is built on Jewish values that stand on their own, but also complement five caregiving principles that help us recover from the challenges we face emanating from the pandemic. Each module aligns with one Jewish value and one caregiving principle.

o Sukkat Shalom (shelter of peace) - A sense of safety
o Ometz Lev (inner strength) - A sense of calm 
o G’vurah (courage) - Self- and communal-efficacy 
o K’hillah (community) - Social connectedness 
o Hesed (loving kindness) - Hope attained by reaching out to assist others 

The year’s learning is also framed by this text from Pirke Avot: 

  • If am not for myself, who will be for me? 
  • If I am only for myself, what am I?  
  • If not now, when? 


o There will be five values-based learning modules each offering approximately five weeks of learning (note that the year will begin with an introductory week).  
o The model is both synchronous (will involve a weekly 30 minute online or hour-long class meeting) and asynchronous (hands-on, at-home activities & challenges). Additional in person gatherings will be scheduled as well (when it is safe to do so). 
Family involvement is encouraged with weekly conversation starters (“Family Schmooze”) between siblings of diverse ages and the adults in the home.
o The learning approach is inspired by the principles of problem-based learning and experiential education. 
o The curriculum engages numerous modalities and formats, including both tech-free and online options. 


o Lower-elementary age children engage with activity boxes that bring the values to life through exploration and play. 

o Upper-elementary age children tackle weekly challenges with a heavy emphasis on problem-solving and creativity. 

In addition, there will be weekly online t’fillah/song sessions for all students K-6th.

 If you are a new family to Religious School here is the Parent's Blessing for your Child that will be used for our New Student's Consecration!