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Hebrew and Prayer Program



Each grade in our school is responsible for learning particular prayers and blessings. Some of these are part of the service, some are connected to Shabbat observance and some are used only on holidays. In addition to the particular prayers and blessings listed below which are specific to each grade level, all students K-6 will participate in weekly services.

The following is what we expect and are working towards with our students in terms of Hebrew/Prayer:

  1. How to read it
  2. How to chant it
  3. Certain key words and what they mean
  4. The meaning of the prayer
  5. The choreography of the prayer
  6. The drop them in a synagogue on Mars blindfolded test!  In other words, if they walk into a service and hear L'cha Dodi, they know it's Friday night; If they hear 3 Chanukkah blessings they know it's the first night of Chanukkah; If they hear Aleinu they know it's almost done, etc!

The following is an outline of a Temple Judea Religious School morning service that our students in grades 4-6 will participate in every Sunday of Religious School (Tuesday Service is similar):

  • Hinei Ma Tov-opening medley,
  • Modeh Ani
  • Ma Tovu
  • Elohai Neshama
  • Nisim B’Chol Yom
  • Barechu
  • Shema
  • V’Ahavta
  • Mi-Chamocha
  • A teaching by the rabbi – (holiday or Parasha based)
  • Amidah
  • Aleinu
  • Kaddish

Students in Grades K-3 will have their own developmentally appropriate service each week. Parents are welcome at any service.

Level I – 4th Grade

Students will learn to identify the sounds of all Hebrew letters and vowels.  Students learn to blend letters and vowels, and learn to read Hebrew words. To assist this process, students are encouraged to participate in the home based Behrman House, Online Learning Center Hebrew Reading Program and to practice the various games and activities on a regular, ongoing basis.

Knows the following prayers/blessings

  • Sh’ma
  • Barchu
  • Short Kiddush
  • HaMotzi
  • Candles for Shabbat
  • Shehecheyanu

LEVEL II – 5th Grade

Can blend letters and vowels and has some word fluency

Knows all the prayers/blessings listed in Level I as well as those listed below

  • V’Ahavta

LEVEL III - 5th Grade

Can easily blend letters and vowels and has strong word fluency

Knows all the prayers/blessings listed in Level I and II as well as those listed below

  • Full Kiddush
  • V'Ahavta
  • Adonai S'fatai Tiftach
  • Avot/Imahot
  • G'vurot

LEVEL IV   - 6th Grade

Have reading fluency

Knows all the prayers/blessings listed in Levels I, II, & III above as well as those listed below

  • Torah Blessings
  • Haftarah Blessings
  • Nissim B'chol Yom


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