Temple Judea Solidarity Mission to Israel:


Temple Judea Solidarity Mission to Israel

With Rabbi Aaronson
March 31, 2024 - April 4, 2024 

The Temple Judea 2024 Solidarity Mission to Israel will be a unique trip, focusing not on common tourist sites but on five main goals: providing our congregants with opportunities to volunteer, to bear witness, to learn, and to offer comfort, and to be comforted. Reasonably priced at $2,880 (double-occupancy) plus airfare, your participation is an investment in the enduring strength of the Jewish community - a powerful expression of love and solidarity echoing through time. If you’d like to join us, please REGISTER HERE as soon as possible, as space is limited. We want to make participating as easy as possible for you. A customer care team is ready to assist at (888) 230-6008 (Mon.-Thur. from 8am - noon, ET) or via email at Or, feel free to reach out to Tammy Lerman at for personalized support.  You can also review all the terms and conditions HERE

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The government of Israel has indicated that the best way to support Israel is through monetary contributions. The government expressly does not want individuals to send supplies. There is only one group, the Friends of the IDF that is authorized by the government to organize supplies, and a link to that group is below. We suggest for this moment, donating to the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles is most effective.  Links to organizations that are accepting monetary donations for Israel are listed below.

Save a life in Israel from thousands of miles away. Your donation ensures Magen David Adom's 33,000 paramedics, EMTS, first responders, and first-aid providers -- volunteers and staff -- have the training, equipment, and medical supplies they need to treat all injured and ill people in Israel. As always, the men and women of Magen David Adom are risking their lives to save the lives of others. Lend your support. Click here to DONATE to Magen David Adom.

Israeli soldiers need you more than ever as Israelis are enduring the worst massacre they have ever seen in their history. Tens of thousands of soldiers and reservists are on the front lines, facing an unprecedented and harrowing conflict, making our support for them more critical than ever. FIDF is the sole organization designated by the IDF in the United States to collect donations for its soldiers. As their true and only partners, help FIDF respond to their urgent requests for humanitarian support. Click here to DONATE to Friends of the IDF.


The Jewish Federation is mobilizing to create an emergency Israel fund through which your contributions will be directed where they are needed most in Israel. Whenever and wherever there have been threats to Jewish life, the Federation and our partners — the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and the Jewish Agency for Israel — are there to provide vital aid and help those in peril relocate out of harm’s way.  Click here to SUPPORT The Jewish Federation of LA

Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee is a Jewish relief organization based in New York City. Since 1914 the organization has supported Jewish people living in Israel and throughout the world. Click here to DONATE to the Joint Distribution Committee


News is coming fast, "hot takes" are plentiful and largely unhelpful, and you may be processing a tremendous amount of information.  We recommend these two news sources. First, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy which is one of the premier think tanks on Israel and the Middle East. It is expressly non-partisan. Experts such as Dennis Ross and David Makovsky provide incisive analysis. Second, the Times of Israel, which is an online English-language newspaper that offers up-to-date news and analysis. Times of Israel is completely independent and as close to unbiased as possible.  There are other very good, English language newspapers online, but many lean one way or the other.  You may want to consider the Forward, Haaretz or the Jerusalem Post. Education is the key to combating disinformation.  Here are some key sources worth exploring. Some may be behind a paywall, but others are widely available during this time.


Israel advocacy groups have alerted us that Members of Congress are currently receiving many calls urging them to abandon Israel in their war against Hamas. We need to make sure they are also hearing from our Jewish voices in support of Israel.

What to say: Thank Senators and Representatives for their public vocal support of Israel these past two weeks and urge them to do four things:

  1. Continue to stand with our ally Israel as it defends its citizens and works to defeat Hamas. America’s leaders must provide Israel the time and diplomatic support needed to protect its families and drive Hamas out of Gaza.
  2. Support the emergency security assistance package to Israel.
  3. Oppose calls for a “ceasefire” with Hamas. As State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller said on Monday, “Any ceasefire would give Hamas the ability to rest, to refit, and to get ready to continue launching terrorist attacks against Israel. You can understand clearly why that’s an intolerable situation for Israel.”
  4. Protect U.S. citizens against rising antisemitism.  

Where to reach out: 
Senator Alex Padilla: DC - (202) 224-3553  |  LA - (310) 231-4494
Senator Laphonza Butler: Tel: (202) 224-3841 | Facebook | Instagram
CLICK HERE for a complete list of US representatives and their phone numbers.

How to reach out: Please take a moment to call your Senators and House members. If you are not able to speak to an assistant, please leave a message. If the voicemail is full, please try again a little later since it is very important that you do leave messages. Emails can also be sent through the respective webpages of the senators but we’re being told that calls are the focus at the moment.



On this Shabbat Atzeret Simchat Torah morning, the day after the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, our North American Jewish community woke up to the horror of Hamas’ brutal assault on Israel with hundreds wounded and at least dozens murdered. We stand in complete solidarity with the people of Israel, so many of whom are directly in harm’s way, and pray for all those who are defending the State. And we pray for the healing of the wounded, redemption for those captured and comfort for the many bereaved. All people of conscience must stand in solidarity with Israel.



Reflecting on the 4-month Anniversary of October 7

February 7, 2024

Throughout history, gathering in community has always been at the core of Jewish culture. For Jews in the diaspora, we honor this tradition at the synagogue. When our homeland is under attack, we honor it by supporting Israel and her people. And right now, the best way to support Israel is to visit. For this reason, Rabbi Aaronson will be leading the Temple Judea Solidarity Mission to Israel from March 31 to April 5. This is your invitation to join him.... 

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Journey of Heart: Temple Judea's Solidarity Mission to Israel

February 6, 2024

Today marks four months since October 7. Since that day, I have found it difficult to make sense of the world precisely because we are in the midst of an unfolding horror. In these past four months, I have thought deeply about the meaning of October 7, for myself and our people. As much as I have read, as many people as I have listened to, as many discussions as I have been part of, as many articles as I have written, and as many sermons as I have given, I have felt something is missing –- and one missing piece is a trip to Israel... 

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December B'Tzelem: Combating Antisemitism

December 4, 2023

The rise in antisemitism in the wake of the events of October 7 has been, on the one hand, unsurprising, and on the other hand, astounding. Unsurprising because as Jews we know that antisemitism never went away; it is always just below the surface... 

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Shabbat Message from Rabbi Emeritus Don Goor

December 1, 2023

Rabbi Emeritus Goor's Shabbat Message reflecting on his experience representing Temple Judea on the Board of Rabbi's Mission to Israel. Through his words, pictures, and videos, journey with him. 

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Day #2: Thoughts from the Board of Rabbi's Mission to Israel, by Rabbi Emeritus Don Goor

November 28, 2023

Rabbi Emeritus Goor is representing Temple Judea on the LA Jewish Federation Board of Rabbi's Mission to Israel. Through his words, pictures, and videos, journey with him through Day #2.

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Day #1: Thoughts from the Board of Rabbi's Mission to Israel, by Rabbi Emeritus Don Goor

November 27, 2023

Rabbi Emeritus Goor is representing Temple Judea on the LA Jewish Federation Board of Rabbi's Mission to Israel. Through his words, pictures, and videos, journey with him through Day #1.

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Snapshots from Rabbi Emeritus Don Goor from Israel, after a month of war...

November 7, 2023

This message, written by our Temple Judea Rabbi Emeritus, Don Goor, appeared in the November 10, 2023 Shabbat Judean. It represents his thoughts after a month of war in Israel, where he currently resides.

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B'tzelem: An Update on Israel

November 1, 2023

The three weeks since the massacre of October 7 have been the most painful and trying weeks for the Jewish world since the Holocaust. Many of you have expressed deep pain and fear about October 7. Many of you have had discussions with non-Jewish friends in which you do not receive the support and empathy you expected to receive. We are shocked...

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A Message from Rabbi Emeritus Don Goor from Israel after a Week of War

October 20, 2023

This message, written by our Temple Judea Rabbi Emeritus, Don Goor, appeared in the October 20, 2023 Shabbat Judean. It represents his thoughts after a week of war in Israel, where he currently resides.

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Crisis in Israel

October 10, 2023

Our hearts are heavy with the news of the horrific Simchat Torah attack on Israel. As we learn more, the weight becomes almost too much to bear. Israel is a tiny country; everyone is connected by one or two degrees of separation...

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A Message from Your Temple Judea Clergy

October 7, 2023

As all of you now know, early this morning Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel from Gaza. The attack began with thousands of rockets being fired into Israel, with perhaps hundreds of Hamas terrorists infiltrating Israel on the ground...

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