Happy Independence Day 2024

    07.02.24 | Stories

    As another American Independence Day nears, bringing with it stunning fireworks displays and yummy barbecues, it’s also a time for American Jews to reflect on what freedom in American means to us. As Jews, we hold tight to the values of free will, independence, and self-reliance. So, it’s no wonder that since the beginning of this nation, our people have embraced America’s quest for self-determination and promise of religious freedom – even while battling antisemitism. Jews have been full participants in this country almost since the beginning – fighting in wars, serving in government, and working hard to improve opportunities for all. While the exponential growth of antisemitism in the US in the past year is deeply troubling, lest we forget, the freedom to worship and live our lives as Jews still is shaky in many places and nonexistent in others. That’s why it is so important that we continue to fight against baseless hatred and bigotry. In the year ahead, we look forward to continuing to strengthen the LA Jewish community and our Temple Judea extended family to ensure that our voices are heard and the freedoms we’ve fought so hard to achieve are applied fairly to all.

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