Camp Sababa is a new way to think about Jewish learning. 

Some of our families enroll in Sababa INSTEAD of traditional religious school, since participation in Sababa fulfills Temple Judea’s learning requirement for students working toward b’nei mitzvah. Others enroll their children in BOTH, since religious school and Sababa are two distinct programs with little overlap, and families who enroll in both enjoy a tuition discount. Still others take an “A LA CARTE” approach, enrolling their children in our traditional religious school program, and adding just one or two weeks of Sababa, so they don’t miss out on the fun. However you choose to take advantage of this incredible program - you'll soon learn...


At Camp Sababa, Campers:

  • Build community & create friendships.
  • Engage with Jewish music, prayer, and culture every day.
  • Are in the care of experienced camp educators and staff members who make programming memorable and meaningful. 
  • Explore creative arts through activities like art, music, dance, and drama.
  • Get plenty of fresh air and physical activity - including on-campus swimming and krav maga.
  • Learn by creating, tasting, experimenting, and exploring.

Meet our Sababa Campers! (By Incoming Grade)

Dubbim! (The Bears) -- Kindergarten
Kofim! (The Monkeys) -- 1st Grade
Dagim! (The Fishes) -- 2nd-3rd Grade 
Tziporim! (The Birds) -- 4th-6th Grade
Arayot! (The Lions) -- 7th Grade





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