Temple Judea's Board of Trustees is comprised of a dedicated group of lay leaders elected by the congregation. As defined by the Bylaws, the job of the board is "to manage the affairs, funds and property of the Congregation."

The Board is headed by a President and an Executive Vice President. Those two individuals, along with the other Officers comprise the Temple's Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets at least 10 times per year. In addition to the Executive Committee, there are 12 elected trustees. Most Trustees are assigned specific responsibilities during their term in office. The Rabbis, Cantors, Executive Director and Education Director, serve as non-voting ex-officio;members of the board.  Many past presidents of the congregation are active members of our community. Under the Bylaws, these past presidents serve in an advisory capacity to the board. The Officers, Trustees and ex-officio;members meet at least eight times per year. With a few exceptions, board meetings are open to the congregation. Meetings are scheduled for the second Wednesday of the month at 7pm.


Bill Harris, President
Judy Rutt, Executive Vice President
Greg Cohen, Vice President, Finance & Development
Brad Rosenberg, Vice President, Education
Tracey Poirier, Vice President, Membership Engagement
Glenn Summer, Vice President, Personnel
Gail Aspinwall, Secretary
Gary Krausz, Treasurer
Dani Rogers, Immediate Past President
Janette Fishman
Rachel Haft
Murray Heltzer*
Nicole Hirsty-Saine
Jodi Jacobsen*
Roni Kritzberg
Jennifer Lutzky
Steve Mayer*
Jane Nichol
Jay Schlanger
Kirsten Winikoff
*New to the board for the 23-24 year
Amber Barth
Gail Browdy
Ellen Israel
Arthur Jablon 
Claire Rabishaw, Women of Temple Judea
Jeffrey Hain, Brotherhood
Jordan Raff and Farra Tarnol, ECC Parents’ Association
Ilene Blok, Caring Community
Judy Davidson, TJ Village
Click here for a copy of the current temple bylaws.  
The slate of officers for 2024-25 will be elected by the congregation at the annual meeting. 
The annual meeting will be held in May 2024. 
The exact time, date, location, and the slate of candidates will be posted shortly.