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4:30pm- 1st Night Candle-lighting with Rabbi Cantor Wissot
& family on Facebook LIVE

7:30pm- “Let’s see ya Chanukiah” A Chanukiah Show & Tell with Cantor Kliger on ZOOM

5pm- Chanukah Parade & Whole Foods Candle-lighting Beginning @ TJ

7:30am & 9:15am- SPIN like a Dreidel (spin class) on ZOOM
5:30pm- Chanukah Storytime & Candle-lighting with Lisa & Sari on ZOOM

5pm- Chanukah Sing-A-Long & Candle-lighting with Rabbi Rosenstein on Facebook LIVE

5:30pm- Chanukah Shabbat Under the Stars with special treats and guests! @ TJ
7:30  JSTY Chanukah Celebration click here for registration

2:30pm- WTJ presents Chag Habanot, The Festival of Daughters
a celebration with music, Israeli dancing, food, wine and more! @ TJ

Religious School Chanukah Celebration @ TJ