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Temple Judeans are blessed with a number of groups within our congregation—groups formed around our educational programs or specific missions and values of Jewish life. TJVillage is a new such group, welcoming active older adults and gathering around shared interests, needs and perspectives.

As Rabbi Laura Geller pointed out during TJVillage’s kick-off event, today’s Active Older Retired Adults are the first in history to experience the possibility of decades of life between maturity and frail old age. Her new book, “Getting Good at Getting Older”, co-authored with her late husband, Richard Siegel, offers a catalog of resources and skills for navigating these years. TJVillage offers a community-within-a-community for doing this together.

TJVillage is inspired by the nation-wide village movement and a specific village—ChaiVillageLA. Typically, these villages are member-led groups of seniors living in their individual residences, participating in a variety of learning and social programs and activities, and looking to fill gaps in needed support services through volunteers or referrals. Often spiritual and emotional benefits of companionship and friendship, and the warmth of shared human experience abound.

TJVillage is just beginning to take shape. All Temple seniors (age 50+) are invited to become involved in “building” our village. Share your thoughts, ideas and felt-needs. Be a TJVillage founding father or founding mother!

Connect with TJVillage by contacting Rabbi Cantor Lily Blum at or by calling 818-758-3800.