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Temple Judea Venues

Spaces available for your special event

Social Hall
The Social Hall, which can accommodate up to 400 for a sit down meal, can be divided into the Judea Room and the Solael Room. The Solael Room is often used as the Pre-Function space and the Judea Room for the reception, in this configuration accommodating 250 guests.

Goor Sanctuary
With soaring skylights and vibrant, biblically themed colors, the Goor Sanctuary can accommodate up to 500 guests; 300 in the main section and 200 including the side spaces (Littman Music Room and Rosenbloom Beit Midrash). There is no charge for a member to use the Goor Sanctuary but non-members must pay a fee.
Includes access to the sound system and video screen for playback. There is an additional fee to use this technology.

Intimate, earthy tones characterize this sacred space. Accommodates up to 110 guests, fewer for a wedding.

Main Courtyard
Perfect for assembling guests prior to an event in the Social Hall or Chapel, or available as an additional space for your event.

Grossblatt Chapel
Our outdoor chapel on the second floor, adorned with stained glass from Temple Judea’s past. Can accommodate 100 guests for a wedding or other ceremony.

Littman Music Room
A multifunction space with large windows. Depending on set up arrangement, it can accommodate 25 – 65 guests.

Rosenbloom Beit Midrash
A multifunction space surrounded by glassed in shelves and books. Depending on set up arrangement, it can accommodate 15 to 45 guests.

Cohen Youth Lounge
Characterized by natural light, casual modular furniture, and a built in TV monitor, approximately 1450 square feet, it can accommodate up to 85 guests.

Wiener Library
With books and a large window, this space is great for conference style meetings of up to 16 people. Includes a built in TV/Computer monitor.

Staff Conference Room
A spacious table and chairs that is perfect for a meeting of up to 10.